The artist

Early years

Chouvin was heavily influenced by Jean Roberts, a diversional therapist and her mentor on ceramics and crafts in her first job.  She enrolled in design Tafe, art drawing, and ceramics and stained glass classes.  Chouvin  completed her Bachelor of Science in Occupational Therapy at Sydney University, where she learnt anatomy through dissecting bodies and studying muscle and biomechanical  movement.

While working in the  USA,  Tracey recounts how her rheumatoid  patient was one of Picasso`s life long friends.   During art therapy sessions he shared his painting secrets he had  gleened from their association together he said “keep it simple” in his thick Spanish accent.

Middle years

Children four, 1994-2003

Unlike most artists Chouvin did not attend art school but learnt from local artists.  Largely her style is self taught Broken Brush strokes,  thick paint applied quickly, using a contemporary impressionist approach to convey emotion.     Often she designs on canvas en plein air, where she often reworks each image to create balance on the canvas. .  While living in France and struggling with the language barrier it was her desire to communicate that led to the rich colour symbolism.  Hence vibrant Colour that conveys emotion and allows her to express herself is a key feature of her designs. 

Where Chouvin communicates from the soul, spirituality and sexuality is explored from a female perspective,  often simplistic designs   convey religious and spiritual  symbolism and our connections to life and death .   Designs suggest stained glass  and early Christian Byzantine influences.

Expressive and emotive the paintings are  a reaction against solitude,  loneliness and isolation.  She has polarized   her form, crystallized her ideas and solidified beliefs. Often her paintings reflect powerful  religious and sensual  spiritual imagery to tell  a story that she has experienced through love and  pain on life`s journey.

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